Are Smoke Bombs Safe?

Are Smoke Bombs Safe?

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YES, smoke bombs are safe and legal across all 50 states! But before you go setting off a smoke bomb for a photoshoot or gender reveal, make sure you know all the specific rules and regulations beforehand. Don't know what those are? Read on!

Are Smoke Bombs Legal?

Yes! Smoke bombs are legal across the country, but there are areas that they are restricted. Do not use them anywhere that specifically prohibits fireworks or on government land. You can contact government land managers to obtain permission on a limited basis. 

Are Smoke Bombs Safe?

Yes! If used properly, smoke bombs are considered safe. There will be a warning label on all legal smoke bombs. One thing to look out for is the temperature of your smoke bomb. Upon activation, the smoke grenades will become hot. The heat will be mainly towards the end where the smoke is being released. There will be a warning not to hold them or have them too close to anything flammable. Only adults 18+ should handle smoke bombs. 

For more safety tips, check out this article about 10 Firework Safety Tips to Know.

Can You Hold a Smoke Bomb?

All legal smoke bombs will have a warning stating not to hold them in your hand. The smoke bomb will become hot, with the hottest part of the smoke bomb being where the smoke is being released. It is at your own discretion if you choose to do so. 

Putting pressure on a smoke bomb is extremely hazardous. Avoid putting pressure on them at all costs. Do not wrap tape tightly around them or squeeze them tightly. Putting extreme pressure on smoke bombs can cause them to malfunction.

To handle your smoke bombs safely, you want to read and heed all warnings about holding and handling. If you do choose to hold them, make sure to hold your smoke bomb very lightly at the bottom, farthest from the release area. Never handle the top half of the smoke stick, to make sure there is no pressure in that area and no chance of any ignition flame. As said before, smoke bombs can be fun and exciting to use, but only when they're used correctly and safely! 

Can You Use Smoke Bombs Indoors?

You cannot use smoke bombs indoors. Because smoke bombs emit an extremely large amount of smoke, it is never a good idea to ignite them in an enclosed area. When using smoke bombs, make sure you are always in an open area that is well ventilated. 

Are Colored Smoke Bombs Toxic?

The smoke from our colored smoke bombs is not toxic, but it is not recommended to inhale large amounts, as any type of smoke can be harmful if too much is inhaled. Additionally, unused smoke bombs may cause GI problems in dogs if ingested. Please see a vet if your pet has eaten a smoke bomb. 

Do Smoke Bombs Stain Concrete?

Smoke bombs at ignition can release some dye. This dye will temporarily color concrete, but it will not be a permanent stain. Any type of firework can leave marks on concrete if it burns against it. 

There are many methods of removing these temporary stains from the pavement. Dish soap, baking soda, and even power washing are all methods that can remove these marks. 

Can Smoke Bombs Explode?

No, smoke bombs do not explode. Smoke bombs only emit smoke. They could definitely start a fire if they are close to material that is flammable, which is why it's important to be cognizant of your surroundings when setting off one of our smoke bombs. At ignition there is a small flame inside the smoke bomb that can temporarily ignite the paper, which could spread to other things extremely close to it. 

Do Smoke Bombs get hot?

Yes, smoke bombs do get hot. Smoke grenades burn top to bottom, the coolest spot being at the base of the smoke bomb. We recommend having a small container of water to drop smoke bombs into after they are used. 

Where Can I Buy the Safest and Best Smoke Bombs?

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