5 Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas for Fall Inspired Shoots

5 Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas for Fall Inspired Shoots
Fall has arrived and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. With that comes pumpkin pie, way too much turkey, family get togethers, and the perfect opportunity for family and solo photo shoots with smoke bombs (also known as smoke grenades, smoke sticks, smoke flares, etc). There's no better time to take moody pictures with autumn vibes. We've put together a list of 5 photo shoot ideas that are fun, festive, and sure to up your Instagram likes and engagement. To make things easier for you, we have also included some advice on which smoke bombs will work best for each event! 

1. Do a Friend and/or Family Football Shoot

You know what they say... "Fall is for friends, family, and football." Okay, maybe no one says that but that really is what fall is all about (you know, along with cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, haunted forests, and hay rides.) That's why this is the perfect opportunity to get a group of friends together and play some football. Get everyone pumped for the game by setting off some fall colored smoke bombs and capturing some action shots! Many high school teams set off smoke bombs at their games so it's clearly a proven strategy to up everyone's excitement levels. We'd recommend using our Wire Ring Pull Smoke Bombs which are easy to use and have a powerful effect. Make sure you tag us in your shots. We'd love to see how they turn out!

2. Do a Fall Inspired Family Photo Shoot

There's no better time to do a photo shoot than when your family is already gathering together anyways. Get color coordinated and then shoot off some fall colored smoke bombs to make this shoot one for the books! Smoke bombs make every picture so much better. We'd recommend using our any of our Wire Ring Pull Smoke Bombs or our Dual Vent Smoke Bombs for easy set off and a powerful effect. 

3. Do a Smoking Pumpkin Shoot

Who says you can only make an infamous smoking pumpkin during Halloween!? Not us! Smoking pumpkin shoots are a festive and fun way to celebrate the fall season even after Halloween has ended. Carve a leaf, turkey, or some other fall-themed object on your pumpkin, set off your smoke bombs and place them inside, and get to shooting! There are some excellent fall colors in our Halloween 6 Pack

4. Capture Some Cool School Football Games Shots

As mentioned earlier, high school teams LOVE to set off smoke bombs to get the players and crowd pumped for the game. Setting off smoke bombs is a great way to celebrate any sort of sports function (not just football!) Grab your school colors or some fall colored smoke bombs and get ready for some epic pictures and excited players and fans. Any of our smoke bombs will work great for sports events!

5. Do a Solo Shoot

Fall is the perfect time for moody photo shoots with festive fall vibes. There's a million place to take cool pictures- pumpkin patches, orchards, surrounded by beautiful fall foliage, football games, fields, cornfields, etc. Add a smoke bomb to the picture and you're guaranteed an estimated 50% increase in your likes (okay, so this is just an estimate but we have noticed photographers and influencers get far more likes on pictures with smoke bombs). Grab any of our affordable and powerful smoke bombs and get to shooting!