Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Smoke Grenades:

Shipping/ Returns: 

How do you submit a claim?

  • For any claim you must email our customer support at info@smokeeffect.com. Please make sure to include your order number, name the order was placed under as well as pictures. The more pictures (i.e. original shipping packaging, complete content of package, every product in question, etc.) the more photos and details included in your email the easier and quicker the claims process. Your emailed information will be filed and submitted to our claims department for review and you will be emailed back with any further questions or a solution. 
  • All claims must be submitted no later than 30 days after the product was ordered. Any orders placed 31 days prior to a claim will not be qualified for any refunds. 

What if you refuse a FedEx Hazmat Package at your door?

  • Hazmat Products are not qualified for FedEx recipients “Refusal of Package”, any packages refused by customer will immediately be disqualified by our Claims Department for any sort of refund. Please note you need to accept your order/package, properly document with photos and description and submitted via email for our Claims Department. 
Why Hazmat Shipping?
  • We ship HAZMAT due to the nature of the Smoke Effects. They are considered fireworks by the USDOT and need to be shipped with certain precautions taken. The price is set by the Department of Transportation. We recommend ordering in bulk, because the fee is the same for one smoke bomb as for 10!
Do you offer local pickups? 
  • Yes we do! If you would like to pickup your order in-store, select "in-store pick-up" at checkout and it will walk you through the process. Our location is open from Monday-Friday from 10am-3pm. Please allow at least 2 hours for our staff to have your order ready to go before you arrive to pick it up. We are located in Springville, UT. 
Can you expedite shipping?
  • We cannot expedite shipping and the options for shipping at checkout are the only options. 
Do you accept returns?
  • Unfortunately we do not accept returns so be certain before you order!
Can you overnight some to me?
  • No, we are unable to overnight or expedite packages.
Can I send back the ones I didn't use for my gender reveal?
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on any of our products. If you purchase both gender reveal colors, you can always use the ones you don't need as practice! 
Can you ship to another country?
  • No, we currently can only ship to the USA. 
My package was marked delivered, but I don't see it at my house.
  • Shoot! We're very sorry to hear this! First, check with your neighbors and others in your household to see if someone else received it by accident. If not, we please ask that you wait 2-3 days before reaching out. With everything going on right now, we've noticed shipping carriers aren't updating their tracking as accurately as they normally do. Please be patient as we are all working through this together! If you don't see your package right away, first contact the shipping carrier to see if they have more information. If you don't hear back from them, definitely reach out to our customer support and we'll try to help you out as much as we can! Info@smokeeffect.com 
My smoke bomb didn't work! 
  • Shoot! Sometimes duds happen. Although we're constantly improving our products and limiting the number of product malfunctions that occur, sometimes smoke bombs don't activate properly. If this is the case with your smokes, we're here to help! Just take a photo of the product that malfunctioned and send us an email at info@smokeeffect.com. Be sure to include as many photos as you can, your order number and name, and a quick explanation of what happened. We'll gladly help you out as quickly as we can! You should get a response from us with 24 hours Mon-Fri. 
I think I'm missing part of my order... 
  • Oops! All of our staff here at Smoke Effect do our best to ensure that every order is fulfilled correctly. However, we are humans, not robots, and sometimes mistakes happen! If this happens to your order we are very sorry! Just shoot us an email at info@smokeeffect.com with your name, order number, and a photo of the products and packaging that you received. We will accommodate you as quickly as possible to make sure you're taken care of. 
My smoke bomb arrived damaged! 
  • Oh no! Despite our efforts to pack our smokes well, shipping carriers are not gentle when handling packages and do tend to throw things around. If your products appear to be damaged when you receive them, please take photos immediately and send them to us at info@smokeeffect.com along with your name and order number. Please note that we do have red clay on the ends of every smoke bomb as a protective measure. A lot of times, the damage you see is just this clay that's come lose during shipping. Don't worry, your smoke bomb will work just fine! That's why the clay is there. So if you see red powder, don't be alarmed!

Can you ship to a PO Box?
  • Unfortunately, we cannot ship any hazmat products (smoke bombs) to PO Boxes. Please see our shipping page for more information. 

Product Information: 

How do I activate the smoke bombs?
  • We have two different products. One is a fuse activated smoke stick that just simply requires a lighter or matches. The second is ring pull activated smoke bombs. These are activated by pulling the ring at a 90 degree angle in one smooth motion (no jerky pulling motion). Please note that sparks will be emitted for 1-2 seconds after the ring is pulled. This is normal! A few seconds later colorful smoke will follow. 


What Are the Differences with all the different Smoke Bombs?
  • RP90 - Smoke Effect 90 Seconds by Peacock Smoke 
  • RP30 - Peacock Smoke 30 Seconds: Mini versions of the RP90
  • Dual Vent or Burst - Smoke comes out of both sides and the main purpose of the "burst" smokes is to release all the smoke as fast as possible, so they last under 25 seconds.
  • So in summary if you want them to last a long time, you want RP90.
  • If you want them to put out tons of smoke as fast as possible you want the Dual Vent.
Are the gender reveal products labeling discreet?
  • Cannon Color Indicator: If you need assistance differentiating the cannons, there is a number under the barcode specific to each color. In the bottom right corner of the barcode strip there is an individual number, either a 1 or 2. 1 is pink and 2 is blue (3 is silver).

  • Wick Smokes Indicator: If you need assistance differentiating the smokes you can check the code on the side of the smoke. REV1=Pink REV2=Blue

Do these stain clothing or anything else?
  • Yes they absolutely can stain. However, they only stain if it is very close to the end the smoke comes out. After setting the smoke bomb down, if you are 2-3 feet away and just standing in the smoke cloud, it should not stain your clothing or anything for that matter. They can stain the ground if left on their sides as well. We recommend keeping the smoke bomb at least 1 ft away from you to avoid staining. 
Are these safe to breathe in?
  • It is never recommended to breathe in smoke, but these are simple consumer level smoke effects, so if you breathe in a little you should be ok. Our smoke is non-toxic, but the chemical reaction producing the smoke does produce an odor similar to fireworks.
Can they be hand held?
  • No, do not hold smoke bombs- they are considered pyrotechnics, and improper handling may result in injury. However, some of our customers have chosen to hold them at their own discretion. In doing this, users recognize the safety protocols they are forfeiting, and must exercise extreme caution when handling. If you would like to hold our smoke bombs, we highly recommend wearing gloves when doing so. As always, please refer to all safety information on the smoke bombs themselves, and on our website, before igniting.
Can I take smoke grenades on an airplane?
  • No.
Can I let someone under 18 use them?
  • We never recommend anyone under the age of 18 using smoke bombs. This is also stated on our product labels. 
Can I use them in a dry area that has flammable items around?
  • No, please be careful as smoke bombs do get hot after they're activated. They also produce sparks for 1-2 seconds once the ring is pulled, so be aware of that and do not hold them near flammable substances. 
Can I use them at a sporting event or concert?
  • Yes! As long as all safety precautions have been taken, and the necessary approval has been gained prior to the event. Our smoke bombs can be a fun, colorful addition to any outdoor game, event, party, etc.
    Can I make cool pictures with them?
    • Yes, absolutely! Our smoke bombs produce the highest quality smoke and are the best for photography and videography. If you do get some cool footage, please tag us on instagram @smoke.effect! We would love to feature your photos! 
    Can I use them inside?
    • No, our smoke release way too much smoke to be used indoors. If you do, please keep the area well vented by opening windows and doors. Fair warning, your smoke alarm will go off! 
        Can I stop the smoke from coming out once it is activated?
        • No, please don't try. That would result in injury. Never put your hand near the end that has smoke coming out.


         *By purchasing this item you are agreeing to use it in a safe and responsible manner. Smoke Effect is not to be held responsible for damage or injury. Products can emit sparks. Pull ring sideways, place on ground or in a safe container (mason jar, pumpkin, etc.) and allow 6 feet for a safe distance. Use outdoors only and away from dry brush. Smoke can stain if extremely close (within 1-2 feet). Smoke clouds will not stain clothing.*