Gender Reveal PRANK Smoke Bombs - Color Changing Sticks

Peacock Smoke™

Prank your gender reveal party guests with these color changing smoke bombs.

Light the wick and then smoke will start coming out. The smoke will then change colors about 20 seconds later and reveal the actual color of your baby!

Smoke sticks are roughly 5 inches long and 1 inch in diameter

Pink to Blue (Code on Smoke is 1to2) = Starts Pink then Changes to Blue

Blue to Pink (Code on Smoke is 2to1) = Starts Blue then Changes to Pink

Each smoke stick is identical except for the code on it that indicates the color changing sequence.

The top of each has teal paper and a green wick that you light to activate the color.

Total run time is about 60 seconds.

The ultimate gender reveal prank.

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