Halloween Smoke Bomb Trends

Dark Purple Smoke Bomb Grenade coming out of a carved Pumpkin Jack O Lantern
Have you seen this amazing Halloween trend? Colored smoke pouring out of carved Jack-O-Lanterns is one of the coolest things we've seen done with our Smoke Effect Smoke Bombs. Let us catch you up on the latest in smoke, and show you how to make these cool smoke effects. 


What are those colored smoke things?

Colored Smoke Bombs can go by many different names! There are slight variations depending on what you buy, but overall they all do the same thing. You can search under Smoke Effect, Smoke Grenades, Smoke Cans, Colored Smoke Sticks, Smoke Wicks, Ring Pull Smokes, Smoke Bombs, etc. No matter what you call them, smoke bombs are made of the same similar ingredients. Smoke bombs contain typically potassium nitrate, KNO3, sugar, sodium bicarbonate, and a powdered organic dye. Smoke bombs are considered fireworks, but are allowed throughout the year because they are novelties.

Are smoke bombs legal for Halloween?

Smoke bombs don't have limited time of year constraints like fireworks do. If you are over the age of 18, they are legal to buy and use.

Smoke bombs are considered pyrotechnics and should not be used in public spaces without prior authorization. Do not use smoke bombs in populated areas where the smoke can effect others around you not involved in your event. You can call your local authorities if you are wanting the most recent up to date information.

Possession of a smoke bomb in a stadium can be a criminal offense. Please use smoke grenades responsibly. 

New Unique Halloween Family Tradition

Smoke bomb pumpkin pictures are a great new family tradition you can start today! The pics last a lifetime and your kids will love it... but you will enjoy it even more!

Green Smoke Plumes wafting from a carved pumpkin for a halloween photoshoot

How do you make a smoking pumpkin with colored smoke?

Making a smoking pumpkin with colored smoke is really simple! Just like with a regular Jack-O-Lantern, you will want to carve your pumpkin and clean out the middle. Ensure that you have a big, safe area where you can lay out your smoke bombs.

The biggest question to consider is how long you want your carved pumpkin to smoke. Here are some Halloween smoke bombs available here on our site for your next spooky photo shoot:

Halloween Smoke Balls - These little balls pack a punch of color. They are easy to use, easy to bundle together, and give a great amount of smoke. Because of their size, they last up to 15 seconds each. These need to ship ground but aren't hazmat, so shipping is free for the 30 pack and larger.

Smoke Wicks - You ignite these smoke sticks with a lighter, so we recommend a long stem lighter to reach these through your Jack-O-Lantern openings. They have gorgeous strong colors and will smoke up to 30 seconds at a time. We love these wicks because shipping is cheap or even free if you stock up. Like the Halloween Smoke Balls, they are not hazmat required items.

Mini Ring Pull - These little smoke bombs blow a great amount of smoke. They last up to 30 seconds as well and do not need a lighter. Simply pull the ring to the side and they will automatically ignite in seconds. There are a variety of gorgeous colors to choose from. However, because it's a ring pull, it will ship hazmat.

Dual Vent Smoke Grenades - These grenades pack a BIG cloud of smoke in their small container. They might be too much for smaller pumpkins, but would definitely make a great smoke effect on a giant pumpkin photoshoot. Twin Vent Smoke bombs do qualify as hazmat items to ship, so we recommend buying in bulk to get free shipping.

Ring Pull Single Vent Smoke Bombs - Lasting up to 90 seconds, these colored smoke grenades throw out a lot of smoke over a longer period of time. This will give you plenty of time to work with the smoke and your model to create a perfect shot. Single Vent Smoke bombs require hazmat shipping, but the more you order, the lower your shipping price is. If you don't want to buy enough to cover free shipping, maybe talk to a friend and see if combining an order is the best route to take. 

For a great tutorial with tips and tricks check out SpookyLittleHalloween.com, she has a great article showing how to perfect the smoking pumpkin smoke effect.

halloween smoke bombs

Do Smoke Bombs Stain Clothes?

Colored Smoke Bombs can stain fabric. However, if you keep your distance from the plume of smoke and don't let the constant smoke flow cover your items, you shouldn't have an issue. We've seen many photoshoots with absolutely no staining involved. Here are some smart practices that will help prevent stains:

  • Do not lay the smoke bomb down on anything that you would not want stained. The output point of your smoke is the most probable area that would cause staining.
  • Move the smoke bomb around (or move the model around the smoke bomb) so the smoke isn't consistently hitting the same areas. A constant flow of smoke on fabric, hair, grass, plastic, can temporarily or permanently stain (with the case of hair we've only seen it color hair for a short period of time, and is easily washed out).
  • Stand a couple feet away from your smoke bomb. This short distance should protect anything from staining. The only point that might be temporarily colored is anything right against the smoke output area.
  • Setting the smoke bomb upright on the ground should not stain the area around the grenade. 

Is colored smoke bad for the environment?

Our smoke bombs have a non-toxic smoke output, and the smoke bomb container is fully biodegradable. However, any type of smoke should not be inhaled for large amounts of time, as any type of prolonged smoke inhalation can damage lungs. If these smokes are ingested by a pet, please see a vet as soon as possible as digestion could cause some gastrointestinal issues. 

Costumed model posing in a Halloween inspired photoshoot surrounded by orange and red smoke from smoke bomb grenades


Halloween is always the most popular holiday to have fun with smoke bombs. Don't forget that other holidays can be just as amazing with Smoke Effect. We challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try them in different ways with different holidays. We'd LOVE to see what you come up with. Tag us on Instagram @smoke.effect, we are always looking to spotlight creative artists and share your amazing smoke bomb pumpkin spooky shoots. 

purple smoke bomb in a pumpkin

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