Christmas Photoshoot Ideas With Smoke Bombs

Christmas Photoshoot Ideas With Smoke Bombs

Santa Clause Photoshoot model surrounded with red smoke bombs
Tis' the season to capture some cool shots and get creative! There's no better way to vamp up traditional holiday pictures than with a few holiday themed smoke bombs. Using smoke grenades as a backdrop or prop is an easy way to make your Christmas pictures look more festive. Here are a few ideas for capturing breathtaking shots with smoke bombs this holiday season!

Use a smoke bomb as a backdrop

Setting off smoke bombs is a great way to get a beautiful backdrop that makes a powerful impact. Using smoke grenades as a backdrop is a especially convenient if you don't have a particularly pretty place to shoot photos (or even if you do). You can still get the jaw dropping pictures you want without traveling far or scouring the city for a unique place to shoot your pictures. We'd recommend using our Wire Ring Pull smoke grenades or our Dual Vent Christmas 6 Pack but any of our smoke bombs will look great!

Santas Elf using red smoke effect to cause clouds of red around him

Red and green smoke bomb grenade for holiday photoshoot

Use a smoke bomb as a prop

Along with being a great backdrop, smoke bombs also provide a fun and unique aesthetic when used as props. They add an interesting pop of color that's sure to capture the attention of Instagram audiences and Christmas card recipients alike. Although we cannot recommend holding any of our smoke sticks because it could potentially be dangerous, most people do hold them as a prop. Setting them on the ground is a safer option that is still sure to pack a powerful punch. We recommend using our Christmas Dual Vent 6 Pack or a Red Wire Ring Pull or Green Wire Ring Pull

Red and green smoke bomb grenade for holiday photoshoot

Use our Dual Vent smoke bombs as a prop for a creative effect

Dual Vent smoke grenades let out a powerful burst of smoke from both sides that lasts 25-30 seconds. They provide a fun and interesting effect that is sure to make any photo that much more festive! Our Christmas Dual Vent 6 Pack comes with 2 green, 2 white, and 2 red Dual Vent smoke bombs.

Sexy Santa posing in a nontraditional photoshoot surrounded by red and gold smoke

Red powder smoke bomb grenade for Christmas photoshoot