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Our Mission

"To Provide Creative Tools To Facilitate Creative People"

Our products have helped over 100,000 people make incredible lifelong memories, create amazing content for their social media, brand, or company, and photographers of any skill level expand their portfolio and skillset.

We offer the best price on professional ring pull smokes in America.

Best Selling Smoke Bombs Since 2017

Smoke Effect was founded in 201 and a year later we teamed up with Peacock Smoke™. This last year they brought us 2 new colors as well as double color smoke grenades.

Like-minded companies go together like PB&J. With their goal of continually bringing new, creative products to the forefront of our industry, this team up was inevitable. 

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Our Products

From Gender Reveal Celebrations to Halloween Smoke Bomb Photography, we have you covered with our vast and ever growing product line. Our Smoke Bombs come in 3 different sizes ranging in duration.

We also work closely with Peacock Powder and their line of Gender Reveal Supplies. With our Smoke Bombs and their Gender Reveal Cannons, Powder, and Sports themed gender reveals, we can facilitate your wildest dream!

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All of our products are completely non-toxic and safe to use.

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We use natural materials so our products are completely biodegradable. Let's save the world.

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More Color

We offer the most color options in all of our product lines, giving you the most freedom to create.

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