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Halloween Smoke Bombs [6 Pack] Pull Ring Smoke Grenades
Halloween Smoke Bombs [6 Pack] Pull Ring Smoke Grenades
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smoke bomb orange smoke grenade in pumpkin
green purple smoke grenades halloween
halloween smoke grenades
Halloween smoke bomb pumpkins
halloween smoke bombs white green black orange yellow purple

Halloween Smoke Bombs [6 Pack] Pull Ring Smoke Grenades

Peacock Smoke™
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What better way to celebrate Halloween than with the 6 smoke bomb colors that represent the holiday. Purple, Teal, Orange, Black, Green, and Yellow!

Our Halloween 6 pack consists of the ring pull smoke grenades by Peacock Smoke. Each one lasts 60 seconds and they don't require a lighter. Simply pull the ring and they ignite.

  • Black – The Color of Darkness and Death.
  • Orange – The Vibration of Life and Color of Pumpkins.
  • Purple – A Witches Potion and magic.
  • Green – Monsters and Slime
  • Yellow – Witches Broomstick & Glowing Moon 
  • Teal - Goblin's gore. 

Add some smoke effect to your Halloween pictures. Smoke bombs in a pumpkin make for a great Halloween social media profile picture for the Holiday season. Smoke bomb photography is one of the biggest trends of 2019 for an obvious reason. One of the most amazing Halloween photography ideas.


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  • Non-Toxic
  • Authentic Peacock Smoke™ brand



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