You asked, We Answered, Volume 1

You asked, We Answered, Volume 1

Do you have questions about using smoke bombs for photography, videography, or gender reveals? Ask us! We'll take the top questions that customers ask and answer them on this page. Lets get started!

Are smoke bombs for photography illegal?

No! It is not illegal to use a smoke bomb for photography. However, you do need to be 18 years old to activate them yourself. Also, you'll need to be aware of regulations on the land where you are using them. If you're using them on private property, you're good to go! Most public lands or national park prohibit the use of them because they can be misinterpreted as a distress signal and are categorized as fireworks. If you'd like to use them on property that is not your own, please seek permission from the land owner or organization that manages the land before you use them.


Where can I buy a smoke bomb for photography?

Right here! Smoke Effect is America's top selling smoke brand for a reason. We provide high quality smokes, excellent customer service, and the fastest shipping on the market. With 6 different types of smokes and 11 colors to chose from, we are sure to have a product that is perfect for you! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates, information about sales, promo codes, and contests so you can win FREE smokes!

How does a smoke bomb work?

Smoke bombs are activated by either lighting a wick (like a firework or a candle), or by pulling on a string. Basically, a smoke bomb is comprised of an oxidizer, a fuel, a moderator (to keep the smokes from getting too hot) , and organic colored dye. They are similar to a firework, but instead of creating a large explosion, they create a slow, sustained reaction. When the colored dye evaporates, it creates the colored smoke that comes out of the end of the smoke bomb. When you light a wick, you are providing the spark that starts the reaction. When you use a ring pull smoke bomb instead, the sparking mechanism is already inside of the smoke bomb, and you are igniting it by pulling the string! 

How long does a smoke bomb last?

There are many different types of smoke bombs on the market. Our Ring Pull Mini's and Wick's are smaller smoke bombs that last for approximately 30 seconds. These are great for using in small objects, like making a pumpkin smoke on Halloween! There are also longer lasting smokes that range from 30-90 seconds. The larger smokes will create more smoke.. makes sense, right? There are Dual Vent smokes that emit smoke out of both ends, creating a large cloud of smoke very quickly (30 seconds). Then, we have our ring pull 90's, which also produce a lot of smoke, but over the span of 90 seconds instead of 30.  

How much do smoke bombs cost?

Smoke bombs vary quite a bit in price. The cheapest smokes out there are RP Mini's, which cost $5 and last for about 30 seconds. The most popular smoke bomb on the market, RP 90's last 90 seconds and are $8 each. Many of our smokes come in multi-packs allowing you to save money by purchasing more at a time. Our most cost effective multi-pack is our Rainbow 9 pack, which includes 10 smoke bombs for only $50. That breaks down to only $5 per smoke! 

Do smoke bombs ruin clothes?

The short answer is it's possible! Smoke bombs can stain your clothes if you hold them too closely. If you keep the smoke bomb far enough away from you (2-3 feet), the smoke itself shouldn't stain your clothes. If any does get on your clothing, just wash it as you normally would with cold water and you should be good to go! Smokes can also stain the ground if they're left on their side while their activated. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information! 


Do smoke bombs work in the rain? 

If too much water or rain gets on the smoke effect, it will probably ruin it. Any type of water in the air (either rain, or a photo shoot taken near a waterfall), will create movement in the air, similar to wind. The more movement in the air, the faster the smoke cloud will disappear! Because of this, it's not recommended to use smoke effects in the rain or by moving water. If you have a photo shoot near running water, make sure you use multiple smokes at once to get the desired effect! That said, you can create really cool effects with smoke and umbrellas, such as the photo below. 


What kind of smoke bombs do photographers use?

Most photographers are trending towards Peacock Smoke products now instead of Enola Gaye. Most people are realizing that Peacock Smoke products are just as good of quality, if not better, and are a fraction of the price! The most popular smoke bombs are RP 90's and Dual Vents. The photo below was taken using Dual Vent smoke bombs. 


Can you hold a smoke bomb?

The safe answer is no. Since smoke bombs are similar to fireworks, they can explode. All smoke bomb manufacturers will recommend that you place the smoke bomb on the ground once it is activated. However, some professional photographers who have experience with smoke bombs will hold them during photo shoots. Please note that they do this at their own risk. All smoke bombs will build up heat though so please be careful! If you do chose to hold a smoke bomb, always angle the smoke away from your body and face. 


Do smoke bombs make noise?

Our smoke bombs make a noise that is similar to a sparkler. It's quiet, but you can hear the reaction inside the smoke effect that's creating the colored cloud. You don't have to worry about ear protection while using our smoke bombs.


Hopefully that clears up some confusion you may have had about smoke bombs! Stay tuned for more "You asked, We Answered" posts! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest smoke bomb products, contests, and deals!