Year Round Smoke Bomb Photography Inspiration

Year Round Smoke Bomb Photography Inspiration

It’s no secret that our Smoke Effect smoke bombs shine during the Halloween season. We’ve seen countless spooky pictures using our smoke bombs, and we’ve loved every single one of them! But, even though Halloween’s over, there are still a TON of creative uses for smoke bombs in your photography. Looking for some inspiration for your next photoshoot? Keep reading to learn more!

Heroes & Villains:

Have a favorite superhero? Have an old (or new) costume lying around? Get some Smoke Effect smoke bombs in your favorite hero’s color and do an awesome photoshoot! You can even get a friend to be a super villain, and get some great pictures of the two of you with our smoke bombs. We recommend our Dual Vents for this, because of their massive cloud of smoke and double sided output!


We’ve also seen many people using our smoke bombs to take pictures of themselves, or others, as their favorite fantasy characters. Whether your character is from your favorite movie, T.V. show, book, web series, etc., make sure to add a smoke bomb to their pictures for an awesome effect The sky is the limit when it comes to characters you can do photoshoots with! 

Wedding/ Engagement:

Have a wedding coming up, or planning one soon? Our RP90’s bring a beautiful pop of color to any wedding or engagement photoshoot! We’ve also seen people use white to add a beautiful neutral backdrop to their wedding dresses. No matter what your wedding colors are, Smoke Effect has you covered with every color of the rainbow available in our smoke sticks, plus black and white!


We’ve also seen a lot of couples use our smoke bombs to elevate their couples photos! Show your appreciation and love for your significant other by buying some smoke bombs and planning a photoshoot date night. You'll have beautiful, and unique pictures to last a lifetime!

School Pictures- Sports and Grad:

Smoke bombs are the perfect addition to any school pictures, and are sure to be the talk of the classroom on Monday! Get your team's colors and use our smoke as a super cool backdrop for your pictures, like this player did above.  Football, volleyball, baseball, soccer, and more- Smoke Effect's got you covered!

Our RP30's are also perfect to use for graduation photos! Show off the colors of the school you're currently going to, or the one you'll be attending in the fall. Here, this grad is using our RP30's in blue and orange to achieve this show stopping effect!


No matter what you're planning for your next photoshoot, let Smoke Effect help elevate your photos! We sell affordable, quality smoke sticks in a variety of different colors and different smoke outputs. You won't regret adding a colorful smoke bomb to your photography, especially if they're from Smoke Effect! Buy today!