Ultimate Photographer Gift Guide: Smoke Bombs!

Ultimate Photographer Gift Guide: Smoke Bombs!

Do you have someone in your life whose New Years Resolution is to try out photography? Or maybe someone else who’s a seasoned pro with the camera, and wants to try something different with their photography? For Christmas this year, we want to help you gift your photography friend something to bring their craft to the next level- smoke bombs! Adding smoke grenades to any photography adds a stunning, colorful effect to any photos or celebration. Your photographer friend won't be disappointed, and will join thousands of other smoke bomb photographers in their art!

Interested in giving the gift of colorful smoke, but not sure which smoke bomb to gift? We’re here to help!

RP90- 90 second Ring Pull Smoke Bomb

Perfect for: Experienced photographers with a specific shoot in mind, or people who want the largest smoke output possible.

Duration: 90 seconds

Our most popular product by far is our RP90- and for good reason! The 90 Second Ring Pulls give off a TON of smoke, and last for our longest amount of time. These are most popular among professional photographers, who want to add an extra flair to their next photoshoot. But, don't let that scare you if you're buying for a novice photographer! All skill levels can use the RP90, and bring a vibrant, mystical element to their portrait photography, couples photoshoots, sports photos, and more!

Dual Vent- Double Sided Ring Pull Smoke Bomb

Perfect for: Photographers who want double the smoke output, and who are comfortable with their models holding a smoke bomb.

Duration: 30-45 seconds

To get as much smoke as the RP90, but half the time, you’ll definitely want to gift our Dual Vents. With our Dual Vents, you’ll pull the ring activator on one end, and watch as colorful smoke comes out both ends of the smoke stick. Typically, these are the best option if you want the smoke to be the main focal point of the shoot, as these usually have to be hand held. If you choose to hold these, please exercise caution and read all the safety instructions. Smoke bombs are most fun when used safely!

RP30- 30 Second Ring Pull Smoke Bomb 

Perfect for: People just getting into photography, or want to try out a smaller smoke output before committing to the RP90.

Duration: Up to 30 seconds

Affectionately called the little sister of the RP90, our RP30 is a pint size version of our most popular product. But don’t let that fool you! You’ll still get a great smoke output from the RP30, and can be more manageable for people who are interested in smoke photography, but don’t want to work with a huge output like the RP90 or Dual Vent.

Wicks and Neon Smoke Balls- Wick Activated Smoke Bomb

Perfect for: People who want the smoke bomb effect, but don’t want a ring pull.

Duration: Up to 30 seconds

We get it- the ring pull can be slightly intimidating, especially if your photographer is still learning. That’s why we have our wick activation options to try out! Our Wicks come in a variety of colors, and are comparable to the RP30s in terms of smoke output. However, instead of pulling the ring to activate, you just simply light the wick and wait for the smoke to come out! These are also great for first time smoke bomb users. 

Alternatively, for a small bundle that packs a punch, your photographer friend might be interested in our Neon Smoke Balls. Coming in a pack of 6, these smoke balls deliver a small to medium cloud of smoke. Most popularly used in smoking pumpkin photos, and gender reveals!

Pro tip: Still not sure what to gift the photographer in your life? We also offer gift cards!

Whatever you gift your photographer friend, know that Smoke Effect is the way to go for the best Christmas gifts this year! Our smoke is non-toxic, vibrant, and is perfect for any and all events. Check out our website today, and find your next favorite smoke bomb!