Smoking Pumpkin Inspiration for Halloween

Smoking Pumpkin Inspiration for Halloween
It’s August, and here at Smoke Effect we’re gearing up for another epic Halloween season! One of our favorite ways to use our smoke bombs is with carved pumpkins. Adding some Smoke Effect smoke bombs to your carved pumpkin adds a spooky flair that is sure to impress this Halloween.
A pumpkin with black smoke and a colorful smoke background
A classic example of our smoking pumpkins- simply pick out your favorite pumpkin, carve a spooky face into it, and pick out your favorite smoke bomb color. After that, place the smoke bomb inside the pumpkin, and watch the magic happen! Photo credit: @photosbymina_mi on Instagram
A pumpkin with teal smoke. The teal smoke gives the pumpkin a fog effect
Depending on the direction of the wind, your smoke can reach new spooky heights. Photo credit: @berniepochet on Instagram
A pumpkin with more teal smoke background.
No matter what color you choose, your smoking pumpkin is sure to wow! Photo Credit: Annie Gilbert
A girl holding a pumpkin with pink smoke and pink fog effects
Want to show off your Halloween costume? Grab a smoking pumpkin to feature along with it! Photo credit: @tishyphoto on Instagram
Two girls holding pumpkins with smoke. Blue smoke and turquoise smoke produced by colorful smoke grenades
Grab your bestie and some carved pumpkins, and have an awesome Halloween photoshoot! Photo credit: @tracieerinsullivan on Instagram
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