December 17, 2020

Smokes, Shoots & Snow


We all know with winter it can be hard to get creative photoshoots that clients and photographers alike may enjoy. However thankfully our smokes are great all year round. Smoke bombs can help make any shoot that much more unique. 

Since the snow will always provide a clean, light background try and use colors of deep contrast. Match and offset the color of those clothes your models will be wearing. Check your background's surrounding features and colors. Or, coordinate with holiday colors! Like our Red Ring Pull Smoke Grenade.

Think of the feel you want for your shoot. For a more whimsical winter shoot, stick with light colors such as our Teal Dual Vent Ring Pull Smoke Grenade. The snow should make the smoke color and your model look stunning! We also recommend our Teal Ring Pull Mini Smoke Grenades, in case you want a smaller smoke effect.

Once you have reached your shoot's destination there are many ways to use the smoke to your advantage. Place the smoke grenade in the snow standing vertically to help to the smoke flow up. Another tip is to lay the smoke on its side and have the model walking through/over the smoke grenade. 

Bright colors like our Orange Ring Pull Smoke Grenade will always give a lightening effect to your pictures. Another tip is to let your models choose their colors for fun or a themed shoot!

Happy Holidays from us at Smoke Effect!