Photography Tips for Capturing Great Pictures with Smoke Bombs

smoke bomb photography

Using smoke bombs as a prop in photography has become extremely popular in recent years, although it's remained steadily popular for years in the photography world. Smoke bombs make great backgrounds and props for gender reveals, weddings, graduations, engagement photos, or for an everyday regular photo shoot. If you're looking to capture some great shots of your gender reveal or simply to up your Instagram game, here are some great tips to make sure you maximize your time behind the camera and get some great shots!

1. Purchase extra smoke bombs to make sure you have enough to capture some great shots.

Many photographers wish they had purchased a couple extra smoke bombs when things don't go as smoothly as they'd hoped. Having a few extra smoke bombs can give you a cushion for mistakes and allow you to take extra photos to make sure you get the perfect shot! We recommend getting our 6 minute white smoke bomb to test wind.

2. Practice your poses before setting off the smoke bombs. 

Things will go a lot more smoothly after setting off the smoke bombs if the people you're photographing spend quite a bit of time practicing the poses they'll be doing before setting off the smoke bomb. Taking a few practice shots without the smoke is a good idea, as well!

3. Take your pictures on a calm day with little to no wind. 

Wind makes the smoke evaporate more quickly so make sure you take your pictures on a calm day with little to no wind to ensure you get the best shots possible. 

5. Lighting is important. 

As with all photography, good lighting is essential. It's even more important when using smoke bombs, as you're dealing with another element and you want to make sure the smoke looks bright in the photos!

6. Use the smoke as a backdrop. 

Smoke bomb grenades photography

Smoke makes a great background. Set off the smoke bomb and set it down behind you. Let it go for a few seconds and then start posing. This has a great effect and makes for a fantastic backdrop! All of our smoke bombs are great for backgrounds but the EG18X Wire Pull Grenades is one of the best options for maximizing your time behind the camera. 

7. Purchase powder cannons if you plan on holding the smoke bombs.

Shooting with our gender reveal powder cannons is the best option if you want to hold your smoke bombs. Some people prefer grenades (aka: smoke bombs) over the cannons because the effect lasts longer. If you plan on purchasing grenades instead of powder cannons, make sure you set the grenades down at least 6 ft away from you after shooting them off so stay safe!