How to take the Ultimate Graduation Photos with Peacock Smoke!

How to take the Ultimate Graduation Photos with Peacock Smoke!

Looking for some graduation picture inspiration? You've come to the right place! Whether you're graduating from middle school, high school, or college, take your graduation photos to the next level with Smoke Effect from Peacock Smoke. We sell high quality, affordable smoke bombs in 11 brilliantly vibrant colors. Here's how some of our customers have shown off their school spirit with Smoke Effect.

We can't talk about graduation photos without highlighting this epic photoshoot from @kevontaek, a recent Savannah State University graduate!

@drkarine graduated with her Masters in Biomedical Science from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and brought some beautiful blue smoke to celebrate!

Shoutout @coco_creations_ and @kennediereese for using our yellow smoke bombs in her graduation shoot! Kennedie's a track athlete that graduated from the University of Central Florida.

Worried about the smoke covering yourself during your pictures? Use it in the background for a super cool smokey effect, like @elpasoseniorphotos did here!

Beautiful graduation photo from @lozada_creations using our RP90's!

Just look at those colors! @chrisbinglephotography and Sarah celebrated her graduation from Sam Houston State University with some epic smoke bomb photography!

Join thousands of other happy customers (and grads!) and buy your Smoke Effect smoke bombs today! Our smoke grenades aren't just for graduation pictures- they're perfect for portrait photography, gender reveals, cosplay photos, holiday photos, wedding and engagement pictures, and so much more! Check out our website today for high quality smoke bombs at an affordable price!