How to Make Your Own Haunted House Smokey & Spooky

How to Make Your Own Haunted House Smokey & Spooky
How to Make Your Haunted House Smokey & Spooky.
Everyone loves a good haunted house, especially ones that are fun for all ages. Walking past spooky ghosts, scary pranks, or frightening skeletons. However with a pandemic how else are you going go to a haunted house? 3 words, Do-It-Yourself. Invite your friends and local kids to have a blast!
One thing you'll need is a cast. Multiple people in a variety of costumes to keep the "monsters" coming. Mad professors, ghouls, vampires, and maybe a few werewolves for more fright factor. Once your cast is all dressed up place them in their stations and most importantly be scary. 
We all know nothing is spookier than walking down a dark alley or wandering through a foggy forest, but how to get that special effect? Smoke bombs. When setting up the haunted house have select areas be smokier to give that illusion. Our white colored smoke bomb works great for this! The smokes are non-toxic and last 90 seconds so everyone can experience the scare!
We also recommend using them in your props too. By setting a green colored smoke bomb in a pumpkin you can create a very menacing Jack-0-Lantern. Create a witches pot with a purple colored smoke bomb. The options are endless!
DIY Smoking Pumpkin
Here's just a few tips on how to make your haunted house the best on the block. Remember stay spooky everyone.