Fall Photoshoots and Smokes

Fall Photoshoots and Smokes
Fall Photoshoots and Smokes
With Fall and Winter right around the corner we wanted to share our quick tips for making smoke bombs a part of your photoshoot. Whether it's just you or a group of friends, bright colors will add extra effect to any photo. 
When it comes to using smokes in a photoshoot there are a few things to always keep in mind. Smoke bombs can become very hot in temperature so we never recommend holding them. Please be aware of what products will benefit your shoot the most. The duration of the smoke can make a huge difference in the quality of your pictures. We recommend our 90 second Ring Pull Smoke Grenades.
When using smoke bombs your location is important. If you are in a light colored field try using a dark smoke, such as our Black Ring Pull 90 Second smoke. Using darker and lighter colors will add more contrast to your photos. We also recommend color matching to the season. For fall we suggest our Dual Vent smoke grenades in Orange, Red, Yellow, Black, or Brown. 
When it comes to your photoshoot be as creative as possible. Poses will help make the smoke effect be different every time. This creates a variety of different photos. Try climbing on surrounding structures to raise the smoke. You can also use props to hold the smoke bomb instead of holding it yourself. For example in the photo below, this model used a Ring Pull Mini Smoke Grenade inside of a glass bottle to give the effect of a smoking bottle. 
If you were looking into a fun idea to do with friends, why not a photoshoot! Not only does this save great memories, but can be an awesome way to get a lot of cool pictures. Our Yellow Ring Pull Smoke Grenades are great for photoshoots with multiple people. Try placing them on the ground in front of you and walking through the smoke. Another idea is to stand in front of the smoke to create a colorful smoke backdrop. Our Green Dual Vent Smoke Grenades are bright enough to stand out in any picture. 
Lastly, just have fun with it. Try all the new angles you normally wouldn't think of. Try moving around a little to disperse the smoke from the Smoke Grenades. We have seen many shoots with or without themes, so just do what's comfortable and fun for you and your photographer. 
Have a good fall season everyone!