Peacock Smoke Dual Vent Burst Smoke Grenade

Peacock Smoke Dual Vent Burst Smoke Grenade

Dual Vent Smoke Grenade

Smoke Effect's dual vent smoke grenade puts off vibrant colorful smoke for roughly 30 seconds. They are dual vented which means the smoke comes out of both ends once the wire is pulled and the device is ignited. These smoke bombs put off the same amount of smoke as the WP40 in half the time!


Duel vent smoke bombs come in 9 amazing colors

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • White
  • Black


Duel vent smoke bombs are perfect for taking your photography to the next level. Use as a backdrop for your model, great for Halloween photo shoots, put in a pumpkin and watch the smoke come out the eyes and mouth! For use with models, have the wind be at your back so the smoke is being blown away from your camera, or to the side for whatever effect you desire. If you choose to hold the smoke grenades (we do not recommend) hold in the middle and do not squeeze tightly. Have a bucket of water on hand to place the grenades in after used for immediate cooling.

These are also great for paintball and airsoft competitions. They put off a large plume of smoke very quickly and offer some great cover for you and your teammates. Pull the wire and toss down an alley to disappear from sight.

A lot of our customers are also using these for their gender reveals. Smoke bombs are very big in the latest trend that is gender reveal. Our blue and pink burst smoke bombs are perfect for just that. If you want to conceal the gender, you can tape over the covering with black tape or duct tape and pull away, emitting insanely vibrant pink or blue smoke! The best part about smoke bombs is the easy clean up!


  1. Remove plastic cap
  2. Pull wire at a 90 degree angle (out and away from the smoke bomb, not up)
  3. Place on the ground and step away
  4. Smoke can stain so keep at least a foot away from objects you wish to keep clean
  5. Let cool for 20-30 minutes and then run under cold water. Dispose in trash

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