Are Smoke Bombs Bad for the Environment? And Other Safety Tips

Are Smoke Bombs Bad for the Environment? And Other Safety Tips

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You might have seen some beautiful smoke bomb photography on Instagram, Pinterest, or any of your other favorite social medias. But for the environmentally conscious out there, you might be hesitant hitting that purchase button. You want to add a beautiful pop of color to your photography, but what about smoke bombs and the environment? Are smoke bombs good for the environment? How will setting them off affect the nature and animals around me? Is it safe to set off smoke bombs around my children?

Here at Smoke Effect, the safety of our consumers and the environment are one of our top priorities. That is why all our smoke bombs are made with biodegradable materials, and, with proper safety precautions taken, are safe to use and enjoy! Read ahead to learn how to use smoke bombs in an environmentally friendly manner!

two couple hugging with black smoke behind them. smoke is from smoke effect rp90 black smoke bomb

Are smoke bombs bad for the environment?

Smoke Effect’s smoke bombs are not harmful to the environment! No smoke is particularly helpful to the environment, but the smoke bombs we sell are non-toxic. The packaging of our smoke bombs is biodegradable, so you can rest easy knowing that your photography is both beautiful AND environmentally friendly.

Are the ingredients in smoke bombs safe to inhale?

We here at Smoke Effect never recommend breathing in smoke. However, all of our products contain safe consumer levels of chemicals such as sodium bicarbonate and sulfur. So being in the vicinity of a smoke stick is okay. The smoke produced in Smoke Effect smoke bombs is non-toxic, but produces the sulfury smell familiar with fireworks. We recommend not directly breathing in the smoke, and moving yourself to make sure you’re not in the direct path of the emitted smoke. That way, your face also won’t be covered by smoke in your photos!

How do I properly dispose of smoke bombs?

We strongly advise having a bucket of water by you as you’re using smoke bombs. After you’ve finished using each individual smoke bomb, drop it into a water bucket so it can cool off and deactivate. After soaking for at least 15 minutes (the longer the better- we recommend soaking them overnight), safely dispose of the smoke bombs into a trash bag.

smoke effect smoke bomb red and green rp90 and rp30

How should I handle my smoke bombs?

A lot of how you handle your smoke bomb is up to your own discretion. Smoke Effect does not recommend holding your smoke bomb, and we advise reading the safety instructions on the side of each smoke bomb for additional clarity. However, some of our consumers have chosen to hold our smoke sticks during use, which is up to their judgement (and still produces beautiful pictures!).

If you would like to hold your smoke bomb, we recommend using gloves when holding and activating to prevent any potential sparks touching your skin. This also prevents your hand from being as affected by the temperature of the stick. Our RP90’s and RP30’s are “cool burning”, which means their base doesn’t get hot until around 50 seconds after activation. Still, we recommend using gloves.

I want to use my smoke bombs in the forest. What do I need to know before I use them?

Using a smoke bomb in a forest or other woodland area can be fun, but you must take the proper education and safety procedures before doing so.

First, look for your park’s contact page on their website, and ask if they are allowing fireworks and smoke sticks at this time. This is a critical first step, as some places do not allow the use of smoke bombs due to potential fire hazards.

If smoke bombs are currently allowed, you’ve got a couple more steps until you’re ready to take beautiful Smoke Effect pictures with your smoke bombs. Make sure to bring a pair of gloves for each person handling the smoke bombs, a container to safely transport the smoke bombs, and a bucket of water to drop your smoke bombs in after use. Once you have those things, you’re good to go!

DISCLAIMER: Please be careful when lighting a smoke bomb in any area where flammable material may be present. Smoke bombs are prone to sparking, and a small flame may occur upon activation. Be cognizant of your surroundings, and always have water or a fire extinguisher on hand.


We can’t wait to see what you make with our Smoke Bombs! Check out some of our favorites here- and make sure to tag us if you take pictures with your smoke bomb!