8 Ways to Celebrate Your Gender Reveal

8 Ways to Celebrate Your Gender Reveal

There are so many different fun and exciting ways to share the gender of your baby with your friends and family members. Building up the suspense and involving your guests are two key aspects of pulling off the perfect reveal! That's why we've created a list of gender reveal ideas that everyone will remember for years to come!

1. Shoot off Powder Cannons

Pink and blue powder cannons for gender reveal

One of the most popular trends for gender reveals is shooting off powder cannons! Not only is it a fun way to build up excitement for yourself and your guests but it’s also an awesome way to capture cool shots that’ll last a lifetime and bring something unique to your social media sites. There’s no better way to reveal the gender of your baby than to do a countdown and then celebrate with a huge burst of colored smoke!

2. Shoot off Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannons for gender reveal party

Shooting off confetti cannons is another great way to reveal the gender of your baby. These things pop and then shoot shiny confetti 15 feet in the air, making for great pictures and a fun time. Some people even purchase up to 20 or more cannons to hand out to all of their guests. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and to capture some extra gorgeous shots of the moment everyone finds out the baby’s gender! You can never have too much confetti!

3. Set off Smoke Bombs

Setting off smoke bombs is another creative way to reveal the gender of your baby. These are a little more intense and last longer than the powder or confetti cannons so they definitely make for some great shots. We recommend using our Discreet Gender Reveal Wire Ring Pull Smoke Bombs, our Discreet Gender Reveal Dual Vent Smoke Bombs, or our Discreet Gender Reveal Smoke Effect Sticks. We also have quite a few non-discrete options on our website in case you're interested in covering up your smoke bombs with your own decorative paper or foil!

4. Reveal the Gender With a Smoking Pumpkin

Smoking Pumpkin for Gender Reveal Party

Another idea that’s been trending on social media is the smoking pumpkin! If you’re finding out the gender of your baby around Halloween, why not do a smoking pumpkin reveal? Simply place a smoke bomb inside of a carved pumpkin and get to snapping your pics! We'd recommend using our Discreet Gender Reveal Wire Ring Pulls for a smoking pumpkin gender reveal!

 5. Have a White T-Shirt Party

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs Party

Another great way to get all of your guests involved in the gender reveal is to ask everyone to wear a white shirt or other white clothing they don’t mind getting a little dirty. Our smoke bombs and powder cannons usually don’t stain but if you’re standing directly in the powder, it will settle onto the shirts creating pink or blue colored t-shirts to celebrate the gender! Create some extra suspense by asking everyone to wear white t-shirts without telling them the reason why. This is a fun way to create some mystery and get guests chatting with each other!

6. Turn It Into a Competition

Adding a little friendly competition to the party is another fantastic way to get your guests involved. One way to spark competition is to have two separate punch bowls or drink pitchers for guests to choose from depending on if they think the baby is going to be a boy or a girl. One pitcher should hold a blue-colored drink and the other should hold a pink-colored drink. Another way to do this is by having guests wear either a pink or blue necklace, bracelet, t-shirt, or other clothing article to indicate their guess. Then set off your smoke bombs, powder cannons, or confetti cannons and find out who won! You could even hand out prizes to the winners to get people even more pumped for the reveal.

7. Book a Photo Shoot

Pink smoke bomb for gender reveal photoshoot

If you’d rather not host a party, you could book a photoshoot instead and then post or send out the pictures later to announce the gender of your baby! This is a fantastic way to announce the gender without having to plan an elaborate party (which some people don’t feel like doing while pregnant, for good reason!) All you’ll need to do is grab some smoke bombs, confetti cannons, or powder cannons and pose for a few pictures. Your friends and family will love this unique way of finding out the gender of your baby!

8. Create a "Name Suggestions" Bowl

Set up a sign that says, “Name suggestions” with some blue and pink colored papers left out for people to write baby names on and then place into a bowl. This is a fun way to involve your closest friends and family in the naming of your baby and a great way to get some cool name ideas (especially if you’re having trouble coming up with names!)