Smoke Bomb Photography

Smoke Bomb Photography

-Smoke Bomb Photography-

Using smoke grenades in photography has been a growing trend for a couple years. You wouldn't believe how creative some people can be! Since partnering with Peacock Smoke™, we have been the #1 provider for premium Ring Pull Smoke Bombs to tens of thousands of creators all over the US. 

Peacock Smoke™ has been pushing innovation over the last year, and is proud to be the only manufacturer with 11 colors for the RP90 Smoke Effect, and 11 colors for the Dual Vent Rapid Release Smoke Effect. 

We have compiled a list of tips and tricks for working with smoke bombs for photography. If you are looking for more Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas, check out our Instagram @Smoke.Effect.

How to use a Smoke Bomb-

  1. Safety first: Smoke Bombs emit hot smoke and sparks, so handle with care! There are warnings and directions on the actual smoke canister, but follow these as well. After pulling the ring at a 90 degree angle, set the smoke bomb down and position the subject and photographer accordingly. After the smoke grenade goes out, do not touch for 10-20 minutes, after which they should be placed in water for 30 min as an extra precaution.
  2. Wind: Wind is your enemy!! Wind can totally make or break a smoke bomb photoshoot. So, as with any photoshoot, plan out your shoot beforehand. Check the weather, scout your location, and bring extra smoke bombs. If there is a slight breeze, set your shoot up in a way that the model or subject can be facing the wind, or walking into it as you capture. This will help tremendously.      *** PRO TIP*** - Look for abandoned buildings! The walls and ceilings help out big time when trying to control your shoot.
  3. Ignition: Our Ring Pull Activated Smoke Bombs are designed for ease of use. Simply pull the ring at a 90 degree angle from the smoke tube and within 2-3 seconds smoke will emit. These do not require a lighter. They can get very hot even though they use cool burn technology. If your subject chooses to hold them, have them hold from the bottom of the smoke bomb as that part gets the least hot. 
  4. Capture: Make sure that shutter speed is set correctly, as your model will be moving quite a bit and smoke can be tricky to capture! Make sure they move the smoke slowly as that helps create the desired plumes and smoke trails. You can also use props to hold the smoke bombs. Some great ideas are pumpkins for halloween smoke bomb photography, or mason jars/vases.    ***PRO TIP*** - Have your model move the smoke bomb slowly behind them, creating a large smoke cloud. Then tell them to perform your desired action to create an epic shot!
  5. Disposal: Once the smoke goes out, we suggest putting it in a bucket of water for up to 30 minutes to fully extinguish the device. These are built out of cardboard and are fully biodegradable, but should be disposed of responsibly. Leave it cleaner than when you found it!

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Some other helpful tips:

  • Wear gloves, eye protection, and some sort of mask. The smoke is non toxic, but like smoke from a campfire can burn your eyes and throat. 
  • Use multiple smoke bombs for greater effect.
  • Our Dual Vent Smoke Grenades create large plumes of smoke much faster than the RP90. Smoke comes out both sides for greater effect.
  • Be responsible about where you shoot as smoke bombs are not allowed in some counties or public spaces. And as always, be careful!



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