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Smoke Bomb Photography

Smoke Bomb Photography is a growing trend and 2019 is going to be the biggest year yet!


Smoke Bomb Photography How to's

Photographing smoke can be a very tricky task. Many of our smoke bombs are great for all types of photo shoots, but if you're really trying to maximize time behind the camera, the Eg18 Wire Pull Smokes are perfect.



Here are some pointers to help you master smoke photography. 

  • Always shoot on days with minimal to no wind
  • If you are using a subject/model, have them be moving towards the camera 
  • We do not recommend holding the Smoke Bombs, however some people do and it is best to hold them from the bottom, as the middle/top gets hot. 
  • If you do hold them (even though we do not recommend this) do not hold them tightly as this can be dangerous. Again, loosely from the end.
  • Get out there and get creative!



Where to buy???

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