EG18X Large Smoke Effect Rapid Vent Wire Pull Smoke Grenade

EG18X Large Smoke Effect Rapid Vent Wire Pull Smoke Grenade

As usual our peacock smoke is the most vibrant and high quality color on the market. Peacock Smoke is the trusted name in smoke bomb technology and we are your number one supplier! Our prices are as low as it gets!

Product Overview

Coming in at 4.5 inches tall, 2 inches in diameter and weighing just under 10oz, this smoke bomb packs a punch. We carry 8 colors in the EG18X - Black, White, Blue, Purple, Green, Red, Orange, and Yellow. The 18X releases smoke for roughly 40-45 seconds.


The 18X smoke bombs are perfect for photography and videography when you want maximum smoke in the fastest time possible. They create amazing backdrops, enhance your foreground and subject, and add overall creativity to any shoot. Many people have been achieving creative masterpieces with car shoots, outdoor portraits, and any and all seasonal photoshoots.


Remove the plastic cap and place one hand firmly on the smoke grenade, pull the wire out at a 90 degree angle and place the smoke grenade on the ground. Some customers like to hold the smoke grenades, and although we do not recommend this, if you choose to do this we recommend using a glove, and holding the smoke grenade by the bottom. Make sure to aim the smoke bomb away from anyone and anything you do not want stained.