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Wedding Sparklers


Wedding Sparklers help create incredible moments to be captured at your special celebrations. From Weddings, 4th of July celebrations, to quinceaneras and many other events, our new sparklers are sure to add that extra spark. We offer a range of products including new and improved no waste sparklers. These do not have a wire and leave only a 4 inch biodegradable stick after the sparkler has run its course. The spark is also much, much bigger! 

We offer classic sparklers as well, ranging in size from 12” to 24” and 36”. For events/weddings wanting to use either of the 12 inch options, we recommend ordering enough sparklers for each person to use 2. For the larger sizes one sparkler per person should suffice (although everyone always loves being able to set off multiples!).  

Tips and tricks: 

  • Designate a couple people to be Honorary Sparkler Ignitors (everyone loves a good title!). We recommend 2-4 people use either grill lighters, which are the lighters with the long black tube for extra safety, or an already ignited sparkler. 
  • Use buckets for disposal. With the classic sparklers, you will be left with a wire at the end, so please use a bucket and some water to cool and dispose of properly. For the cold burn sparklers, they will be completely safe to handle after about 5-10 seconds of the sparkler dying out, so they can be thrown in either a designated bucket, or into the trash. 
  • Use long exposure to capture light drawings! Check out this tutorial here!



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