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gender reveal smoke bombs pink blue smoke effect grenades
Smoke Effect Sticks
gender reveal smoke bomb blue
gender reveal smoke bombs pink blue smoke effect sticks

Smoke Effect Sticks

Smoke Effect
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Smoke Effect Sticks

Our Smoke Effect Sticks are 80 seconds of bright, vivid color. These smoke bombs have a wick that requires you to light it to activate.

Our site is #1 Customer Rated for any and all Smoke Bombs, so we are your trusted source!

The pink and blue are completely discreet besides a code at the bottom! Check the bottom of this listing for the code if you want to know!

Pack Options:

  • 1 Pink & 1 Blue
  • 2 Pink & 2 Blue
  • 4 Blue
  • 4 Pink
  • 4 White
  • 4 Purple
  • 4 orange

The pink and blue smoke sticks are completely discreet! Besides a number near the bottom with either REV1 or REV2 to help differentiate. 1 is Pink and 2 is Blue. 

*All orders placed by 3PM (MT) will ship out that same day!

These require a lighter. If you want wire pull smoke grenades please see our homepage.

Send all your questions and concerns to 


**Use outdoor only**

Product can emit sparks or hot ember type material - give a few feet distance for safety


Many people like to get 1 white smoke effect to use as a practice smoke.

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REV1= Pink

REV2= Blue