Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs Packs

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Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs Packs [Smoke Effect Sticks]

Our Smoke Effect Sticks are 80 seconds of bright, vivid color. These gender reveal smoke bombs have a wick that requires you to light it to activate.

Each one has removable colored tissue paper on the top that indicates the color. You can remove this tissue paper before your reveal!

These require a lighter. Check out our upgraded premium product: ring pull gender reveal smoke bomb

4 Pack Options:

  • 2 Pink & 2 Blue
  • 4 Blue
  • 4 Pink
  • 4 White

2 Pack Prank Options:

  • 2 Prank - Pink to Blue
  • 2 Prank - Blue to Pink

Prank Smoke Grenades!

We now have Prank Smoke Bombs! Each stick starts out one color and turns halfway through! First color lasts anywhere from 20-30 seconds and the second color about the same. Code on Prank Stick is as follows

Pink to Blue= 1-2

Blue to Pink= 2-1

Code is above instructions

The pink and blue smoke sticks are completely discreet! Besides a number near the bottom with either REV1 or REV2 to help differentiate. 1 is Pink and 2 is Blue

The White is not wrapped like the blue and pink nor do they conceal gender. They are meant to be tests, pranks, or part of DIY kits for people to cover with their own gender reveal paper.

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We also have white 6 Minute Smoke Effects that are great for practice runs and significantly cheaper.

**Use outdoor only**

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