Gender Reveal Wire Ring Pull Smoke Bombs [Pink & Blue] Smoke Effect Grenades (90 Sec)

Peacock Smoke™

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs [Pink & Blue]

Professional Quality Wire Ring Pull Smoke Grenades by Peacock Smoke™

Duration: 90 sec each

Dimensions: 5" X 1.5"

Weight: 5 oz.

These are not discrete, so you will need to cover them up with paper or other craft supplies if you want them to be discrete. 

 Choose from 1 Pink & 1 Blue, 2 Pink & 2 Blue, or 5 Pink & 5 Blue wire ring pull smoke effect grenade. Simply pull the ring and it will activate 90 seconds of smoke. No lighter needed.

how to use wire pull smoke grenade

We are the #1 trusted smoke effect supplier for professional photographers.

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  • Yes this is the highest rated and most popular smoke effect that you see all over instagram.

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