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enola gaye smoke bombs wp40 shutter bombs

Enola Gaye WP40 Wire Ring Pull Smoke Effect Grenades [Choose Color]

Enola Gaye™
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Wire Pull Smoke Effect Grenades by Enola Gaye (WP40)

9 Colors Available: Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Black, Purple

Duration: 90 Seconds Each

Activation: Wire Ring Pull to Activate 

Shipping info:  All orders placed Monday-Friday by 3 pm MT (5pm ET) will ship out the same day. If you order after 3pm then add 1 business day to the quoted delivery date at checkout. These put out the same amount of smoke but are priced higher than our Peacock Smoke 90 Second Pull Rings on the site.

  • No overnight shipping on smoke bombs, sorry!
  • Sunday is NOT a business shipping day.
  • Visit our F.A.Q. page for more information.
  • Non-Toxic.

Teal is not available by the Enola Gaye Brand. It is a color sold by Peacock Smoke. Shop Peacock Smoke Wire Ring Pull Smoke Bombs Here.

Your camera shutter will love Peacock Smoke effects designed specifically for smoke bomb photography. We ship so fast you will think they shipped yesterday.