6 Minute Smoke Effect Grenade (Lighter Required)

Smoke Effect™

The 6 minute smoke effect grenade is the longest lasting smoke bomb on the market. This was designed for photographers that want to test the wind and take practice smoke bomb photography shots. It is also a perfect smoke stick for any white smoke special effects you might need!

If you have never photographed smoke before, we highly recommend getting our 6 minute smoke effect so that you can practice photographing smoke before you use the more expensive colored smoke bombs offered.

These require a lighter and are not ring pull activated like the other smoke effect products listed on the site. 

Each stick releases white smoke for 6 minutes.

Please do not hold after ignition and allow 6 feet for safety reasons.

Shipping Info

  • All orders placed Monday-Friday by 2 pm MT (4pm ET) will ship out the same day. If you order after 2pm then add 1 business day to the quoted delivery date at checkout.
  • No overnight shipping, sorry!

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