Affiliate Program

Become an Affiliate for our Smoke Effect products:

Here's The Deal:

We have 3 Levels to our Affiliate Program-

  • Level 1: You get a unique link you can share on your different social media platforms, websites, or blogs, and will receive 15% commission on each purchase completed using that link. 
  • Level 2: Same as Level 1, but you also get a unique discount code you can share with your followers, further enticing them to purchase!
  • Level 3: Same as Level 2, but we will also begin supplying you with periodical shipments of free product to promote your content as well as our products, increasing your social media game and your sales as well!

By signing up to become an affiliate with Smoke Effect, you will get a 20% commission regardless of the level you are at. Everyone must begin at level 1 and work up the chain. Communication with affiliates about the program, features, questions, and promos will happen within the Affiliate program app. For any other questions, message our social media manager on instagram. Handle below-

Instagram  @Smoke.Effect

Payments will be sent out once a month via venmo or paypal. We can't wait to work with you!