White Smoke Bomb - Wick Activated

Peacock Smoke

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White Fuse Activated Smoke Bomb

  • Great for smoke bomb photography
  • ~45 seconds of non-toxic smoke
  • 4 inches tall and 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Fuse activated (lighter required)

White smoke grenades are perfect for pretty much any photo shoot.

These wick activated smoke effects are considered novelties and not required to ship HAZMAT in accordance with APA Standard 87-1. Which means bigger savings for you!

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*All orders placed by 12PM (MST) will ship same day.

**Product can emit sparks. Light fuse with a lighter, place on ground or in a safe container (mason jar, pumpkin, etc.) and allow 6 feet for safe distance. Use outdoors only, and away from dry brush. Smoke can stain if extremely close (within 1-2 feet). Smoke cloud will not stain clothing.