Black Smoke Bomb - Wick Activated

Peacock Smoke


Black Fuse Activated Smoke Bomb

  • Great for smoke bomb photography
  • ~45 seconds of non-toxic smoke
  • 4 inches tall and 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Fuse activated (lighter required)

Black smoke grenades are perfect for pretty much any photo shoot. Create a dark, moody background, use it to help highlight the color of your subject, or make that smoking pumpkin POP with color!

Wick activated black smoke stick

*All orders placed by 1PM (MST) will ship same day.

**Product can emit sparks. Light fuse with a lighter, place on ground or in a safe container (mason jar, pumpkin, etc.) and allow 6 feet for safe distance. Use outdoors only, and away from dry brush. Smoke can stain if extremely close (within 1-2 feet). Black Smoke cloud will not stain clothing.