Gender Reveal Basketball

Peacock Smoke

Gender Reveal Basketball Kit

Get ready to slam dunk! Announce your baby's gender in a fun and creative way with our gender reveal basketball. Each kit comes with blue and pink powder, making it easy to assemble once you know the gender. 

Our powder is the highest quality holi powder, and is made from corn starch and food grade color dye. It is non toxic and biodegradable. The plastic ball comes in two halves that click together. Simply poor the powder in and seal it up! 

For those tall enough or gifted enough, jump up and slam it on the backboard or dunk it! Try to aim for part of the rim to make sure the ball breaks! It needs to contact something hard to create that poof! 

Start your celebration with the ball and have some others set off cannons in the background after the ball explodes!

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