Gender Reveal Tire Burnout Kit



Gender Reveal Tire Burnout

The Gender Reveal burnout bag is perfect for Car Enthusiasts! We make it super easy to use! Simply stick our bag on your tire with the double sided tape provided, and drive away. 

We made this kit for those customers that don't necessarily have a muscle car sitting around to do a traditional peel out, so no rubber will be wasted on our product! 

Each bag is black and non transparent in any way. Comes with a large strip of double sided tape adhered to one side of the bag, simply remove the non stick backing and apply to tire. 

We recommend getting 1 per back tire, so 2 minimum. If you choose to do more than one car, get 2 more per car. 

We offer 2lb bags and 3 lb bags for those with larger tires or wanting a bigger POOF of smoke!

Burnout Color Codes:

If you order burnouts of multiple colors, they will be labeled with a sticker/piece of tape so you can tell which is which. If you order only 1 color, there will be nothing on the packaging that would give the color away! If the stickers fall off, you can use the number code to determine the burnout kits color. The first number indicates the color:

1 = pink

2 = blue

3 = orange

4 = red

5 = yellow

6 = green

7 = purple

Shipping takes up to 3 business days plus one day for processing. No refunds or returns