Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs



Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

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We always recommend the dual vent for gender reveals because they release the smoke super fast from both sides! Most people don't want to stand there for 90 seconds (single vent) while smoke continues coming out.

Professional Quality Ring Pull Smoke Grenades by Peacock Smoke to help make your families big day!

We have fuse activated smoke sticks that last roughly 60 seconds, our Minis that last about 40, Dual Vent that put off tons of smoke from both ends for around 30 seconds, and our famous Single Vent Smoke Bombs that last over 90 seconds!

Want a smaller smoke that ships non-hazmat for cheap?

These are professional grade smoke bombs and require Hazmat shipping. We do have other smoke bombs that are a smaller effect that don't require hazmat shipping. Shop our Non-Hazmat Gender Reveal Smoke Here.


Be sure to check your wind and lighting before activating, then position the models in front or behind the smoke, depending on the effect and shot you're going for, bump up that shutter speed and capture the moment!

Simply pull the ring, or light the fuse (only for the "fuse" one) and it will activate 30-90 seconds of smoke. Be sure to set down after activating.

how to use wire pull smoke grenade

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These are discreet, so nobody will know which color it is until you pull the ring and release the smoke.

The pink and blue smoke sticks are completely discreet! Use code below to differentiate if you order both colors:

  • REV1=Pink
  • REV2=Blue

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  • Smoke Bombs must be shipped Hazmat and can only be shipped via ground shipping. 
  • All orders placed Monday-Friday by [12 pm MT] will ship out the same day. If you order after [12pm] then add 1 business day to the quoted delivery date at checkout.

Check out our F.A.Q. Page for more information and learn why we are the #1 gender reveal smoke bomb company in the United States since 2017!