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gender reveal smoke bombs discete labels

2 Pack Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs [Pink & Blue] Ring Pull (90 Sec) Discreet Label

Peacock Smoke™
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Gender Reveal Smoke Grenades are perfect for surprising your family and friends! Our products produce the highest quality and most vibrant color smoke on the market.

These smoke bombs last over 90 seconds which is ideal for timing that perfect shot for Instagram! Get your cameras ready and be sure to tag us @Smoke.Effect.

With our discreet labels, complete discretion is the priority! The only way to tell the difference is with a small code near the bottom (for code info, check bottom of this description. 

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs [1 Pink & 1 Blue] DISCREET LABEL

Professional Quality Ring Pull Smoke Grenades

Duration: 90 sec each

Dimensions: 5" X 1.5"

Weight: 5 oz.

You get 1 Pink and 1 Blue ring pull smoke effect grenade. Simply pull the ring and it will activate 90 seconds of smoke. No lighter needed.

how to use wire pull smoke grenade

Please do not hold and place on ground after ignition. Allow 6 feet for safety.

We are the #1 trusted smoke effect supplier for professional photographers.

All orders placed Monday-Friday by 1 pm MT (3pm ET) will ship out the same day. If you order after 1pm then add 1 business day to the quoted delivery date at checkout.

Yes, this is the highest rated and most popular smoke effect that you see all over Instagram.

Want a smaller and cheaper option? Check out our Mini Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

These are discreet, so nobody will know which color it is until you pull the pin and release the smoke.

The pink and blue smoke sticks are completely discreet! Besides a number near the bottom with either REV1 or REV2 to help differentiate.

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