Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs [Pink or Blue] Dual Vent (25 Sec) Discreet Label

Peacock Smoke™

Rapid Release Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs - NEW DISCREET LABEL!

Ring Pull Smoke Grenades by Peacock Smoke - Dual Vent (smoke comes out of both sides)

Duration: under 30 seconds each

Dimensions: 5" X 1.5"

Weight: 5 oz.

Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb: He or She? Pull Ring to See!

Choose between Blue and/or Pink dual vent ring pull smoke effect grenades. Simply pull the ring and it will activate the smoke out of both sides simultaneously. No lighter needed. These are Rapid Release so that the smoke comes out fast and you can have a great picture. No more standing around for an extra 90 seconds after everyone at your gender reveal party sees the color.

These are discreet, a code on them indicates which color each one is:

  • REV1 = Pink
  • REV2 = Blue

how to use wire pull smoke grenade

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  • Authentic Peacock Smoke™ brand.

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