Gender Reveal Golf Balls - Set of 2 Golf balls [1Pink/1Blue]

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We now offer Gender Reveal Exploding Golf Balls in sets of 2! Our Gender Reveal Balls are filled with Premium Holi Color Powder by Peacock Powder and make for en incredible POOF of smoke when hit. The balls are similar in size to golf balls, so we recommend using two balls at once (side by side) to maximize the explosion of color! So if you and your spouse want something special for your baby's reveal, and are avid Golf fans, then this is the gender reveal idea for you!

Step up to the Tee with our Gender Reveal Golf Balls. Gather your friends and family and take a swing! Join the thousands that have enjoyed Gender Reveal Parties and Celebrations that have used our supplies.

Our Sports Themed Gender Reveals just got better!

We now offer Exploding Basketballs, Volleyballs, and Soccer Balls!

Also, we looked around and saw not many companies did many more sports, so were proud to bring you Gender Reveal Hockey Pucks, Gender Reveal Tennis Balls, Gender Reveal Pickle Balls, and of course Gender Reveal Baseballs!

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