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Enola Gaye burst smoke grenades

Enola Gaye Dual Vent Smoke Grenades - Burst Smoke Bombs (25 Sec)

Enola Gaye™
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The Dual Vent Enola Gaye Smoke Grenade has smoke come out of both sides simultaneously when you activate them by pulling the wire.

Wire Pull Dual Vent Smoke Effects by Enola Gaye are ideal for photographers. Be sure you have the subject, wind, and composition all set before activating because this smoke comes out FAST.

These Dual Vent Smoke Effects release all of their smoky power in under 30 seconds.  

The burst smoke grenade was initially invented for paintball to add cover smoke quicker, but they have become very popular for smoke bomb photography.

  • Wire Pull to activate. Simply follow the instructions below