4 Pack XL Gender Reveal Party Cannon - Powder + Confetti

Peacock Smoke

2 Pink 2 Blue
4 Pink
4 Blue

Shipping is $7.50 for Cannons

24" Gender Reveal Cannon Powder & Confetti

Let us help you create a memorable gender reveal for you and your family!
They shoot out the highest quality Holi Powder and Confetti in the same Cannon. Colors come in either Blue or Pink. Simply twist the bottom and compressed air sends the powder shooting out! Shoots color over 15 feet into the air. 
Powder is made out of cornstarch and color dye.

Gender Reveal Cannon Description:

  • Discrete label
  • Cannons are roughly 24 inches long and 2 inches in diameter
  • Non-pyrotechnic, uses compressed air
  • Includes easy instructions on cannon 
  • Perfect for Outdoor gender reveals
  • Filled with non-toxic food safe peacock powder + confetti
  • Creates amazing effects for photos


Looking for other sizes or materials? We have plenty of Gender Reveal Cannons!

Cannon Color Indicator:

If you need assistance differentiating the cannon, there is a number under the barcode specific to each color. In the bottom right corner of the barcode strip there is an individual number, either a 1 or 2. 1 is pink and 2 is blue (3 is silver).

Each gender reveal cannon label is discreet, although powder may leak during shipment. Do not aim cannons at anyone or anything. Follow all instructions and warnings on the individual cannons as well. 


Ships same day if ordered before 1pm MST. We offer expedited shipping as well (FedEx 2 day Express) which delivers on Saturdays. This option is only available if you have just cannons in your order. If you combine with any smoke bomb products, FedEx Express is no longer an option and it will need to be shipped via UPS ground.